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Would you like to join us?


Working as a Volunteer

We are looking for supporting members who can provide consultation, interpretation, translation, transportation, etc for people with foreign roots. No specific qualifications are required, but experience living in a foreign country for an extended period of time is an advantage. Please feel free to contact us.


Make a donation

We need funds to continue our work. We welcome donations from those who are willing to support our mission.

Bank transfer to: Mienaka Agricultural Cooperative 6677

Mienaka Agricultural Cooperative 6677

Hakusan-kita Branch 017

Ordinary Deposit

Account No. 0025816

Consultation Service for Foreign Residents WELCOME



みえなか農協 6677

白山北支店  017


口座番号   0025816

外国人相談窓口 WELCOME


Participate in our Events

WELCOME holds events (such as international cooking classes) to promote international mutual understanding. When an event is scheduled, we will announce it on Facebook page and blog. Please support WELCOME's activities by participating in our events.


Spread the word

Please tell about WELCOME to those close to you who have foreign roots or who are having difficulties in their relationships with people of foreign roots. We may be able to help you. Connecting those in need with welcome is also one way to support us.

We are also looking for stores  and shops to place our flyers and cards.

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